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From Your Principal

Welcome to Danville South Elementary!!    

Danville South Elementary welcomes approximately 415 students into our third and fourth-grade classes each day. Our passion is to instill a love of learning! Putting students at the center of everything we do is our main objective. This student-centered approach helps to ensure the academic, social and emotional growth of each student that passes through our building. We have an excellent staff that has a reputation for creating a safe and caring environment, building strong relationships with students and for driving student academic growth through exposure to rigorous and personalized approaches to instruction.

Our goals include;
Maintaining a safe and caring environment
Ensuring all students read at or above grade level
Ensuring all students write proficiently
Ensuring all students are proficient on the math standards
Ensuring all students master their math facts

As a strategy to promote our targeted growth, our students set their own academic goals. Action steps needed to reach those goals are also established and students continually track and monitor their progress throughout the year. Teachers meet with students frequently to review the data and provide any necessary support needed to help students meet their goals. 

I hope that you find the information on our website helpful and welcome you to reach out to me should you need more information.

Jenny Hollingsworth

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Jennifer Hollingsworth

Principal South Elementary 317.745.2131